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Chiropractic Care

A Personalized Approach to Health Care

Chiropractor Yardley Dr. Paul Bizzaro

The adjustment techniques Dr. Bizzaro uses are extremely gentle.

The care you receive with Dr. Paul Bizzaro is different for each individual. The recommendations Dr. Paul makes depend on the nature of your issue. You may see us with greater frequency when you first begin care, stepping down as you get better. Motor vehicle injuries may require more visits to resolve due to the traumatic nature of the injury.

Why Should I Try Chiropractic?

If you’re unsure about whether chiropractic can work for you, Dr. Paul hopes that you give it a try. “Let me offer you an adjustment, and I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. You don’t even have to tell me,” he says. Dr. Paul uses extremely gentle, light-force adjustments to help your nervous system work at its highest abilities, allowing you to express your greatest capacity for health.

What Is the Central Nervous System?

Chiropractic is the only healing art that directly affects your central nervous system. Made up of the brain and spinal cord, this system allows your brain and body to be in perfect communication. Other health solutions such as acupuncture, massage therapy and/or physical therapy are beneficial, but they initially affect only the peripheral nervous system.

To support your adjustments, Dr. Paul uses a specialized treatment traction table, called the Hill Anatomotor.

Because your pelvis and feet are the foundation of your spine, Dr. Paul also offers custom orthotics from Foot Levers. Learn more»

Nutritional Counseling Available

Dr. Paul also offers nutrition services to assist you in regaining your health. There are many common health conditions that can benefit from chiropractic care and nutrition combined together. These include migraines, headaches, low back and neck pain, and whiplash.

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