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What our patients are saying…

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“Absolutely pain-free”

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“Very pleased with the results”

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“It has worked wonderfully”

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“Awesome treatment!”

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“I can function like a normal person again”

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“Things are definitely getting better”

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The Pain Reduced Significantly

My first visit to Dr. Bizzaro’s office I was suffering from a back injury. I was in so much pain and he listened to all of my concerns, explained the treatment plan, and began working on me right away. He even carried my purse around for me! Within a day, I was able to walk normally and the pain reduced significantly. I’m in awe of his knowledge, bed side manner, and the effectiveness of his practice. I’ll be going there for the rest of my life!
Stephanie O.

Welcoming and Comfortable

Dr. Paul’s office was very welcoming and comfortable for both adults and children. The office has many educational materials. Office staff were cheerful and accommodating. I enjoy my time while I’m being adjusted. It’s s temporary retreat for me. Thanks Dr. Paul!

-Jennifer W.

Dr. Bizzaro takes his time with you. He is very knowledgeable. My knee pain has decreased 75% since going to him approx 1.5 months ago. I finally feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have tried many modalities and he is the only one that works. Thank you, Dr. Bizzaro!! Maria P.

heart comment

“One in a million!”

I have been a patient of Dr. Bizzaro for several years. He has always been there when I needed him. He even came to my home several times to adjust me after being hospitalized for several weeks. How many doctors do house calls today? He is one in a million. I cannot say enough good things about him and his practice. He REALLY cares about his patients!

- Gil C.

“So Patient-Friendly”

“I’ve known Dr. Bizzaro for over 26 years. From taking care of my son with his asthma to my daughters strep throat and my migraines I can say that I strongly recommend chiropractic care for a healthier lifestyle and he is the one I choose.

His method of care and adjustment is so patient friendly with his up to date technology that I feel so much better after a couple visits.

Though my road to recovery is long I rather do chiropractic care first before physical therapy. You must get the neck, spine along with your back, shoulder, knees in alignment in order to continue other medical recommendations. And yes, this is related to an automobile accident. So if you’re looking on living a healthier lifestyle this New Year this is the way to go. Read up on it. Knowledge is power. Thank you Dr. Bizzaro!”

- Xiomara O.

I walked into Dr. Bizzaro’s office like a Crumpled Cavewoman and came out dancing like a Ballerina!”Alex H.

“His advice is great… keeping me healthy and active!”

“I have been seeing Dr. Paul Bizzaro for the past 20 years. He has helped keep me in good health. His method of chiropractic does not put any strain on your back – he does not “crack” your back. His method is to use light pressure on each vertebrae of your spine using the pressure of his thumbs to realign your spine. This method has helped me thru a severe bout of sciatica, plus other conditions resulting from skiing incidents. His advise concerning nutrition and supplements has been a great help in keeping me healthy and active.

- Betty B.

“I’m very grateful!”

“I’m 7 months pregnant and visited Paul’s office on Friday for the first time. I was in a great deal of pain over the weekend and he came in to help me on his day off. He is a great guy who cares about his patients. I’m very grateful!”

- Robin S.

“Thanks again for helping me get on my feet and staying there.”

“Dear Dr. Bizzaro,

I wanted to write this letter to inform your current and future patients how the new therapeutic modalities you brought to your practice, along with your adjustment style and massage therapy, made a difference in my treatment plan and physical health.

I began using the traction machine, twice a week, beginning the first week it arrived at your office. After three weeks, I began to notice my lower back and sciatica feeling looser in the morning. I also noticed after a day of in-and-out of the car (as I am in sales), I didn’t feel ‘locked up’ at the end of the day.

The next product you brought to the practice was the MLS laser. The laser made a big change in my treatment and condition.

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I have had numb feet since before my first back surgery in 2001. Some days the numbness climbed up my leg to my calf. This, coupled with the lower back and sciatica pain, contributes to one tough day. After beginning the laser treatment, my back began to loosen up, and I began to experience feeling in my feet. The Friday massage therapist began to notice fewer knots and less tightness in my lower back as well.
In addition, I broke my wrist and when the cast came off, the laser was used. I noticed a quicker recovery time with respect to gaining full range of motion.

As a result of these improvements, it is my opinion, that the total treatment plan provided by you changed my physiologic condition in a positive way. I use four different treatment types, and it has helped me in such positive ways that I am hoping to put off future surgeries.

Thanks again for helping me get on my feet and staying there. ”

- Steve P.

“I couldn’t believe how good I felt.”

“Dear Dr. Bizzaro,

I am writing this letter to let you know how important four treatments over two weeks got me
back on my feet and back to work.

I recently injured my back at work; I am a apprentice plumber in Washington D.C., and I need to work in order to get paid. I came up from D.C. and you were able to see me on your off days, You started using the traction machine two ways. Then you did an adjustment.

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I have friends who go to chiropractors, and they talk about the cracking they experience. They like it, but they feel by the end of the week they need to be cracked again. When you did your adjustment, you didn’t crack my back. My dad said your way is unique but very effective for him. I was a bit skeptical when you were walking around and were touching one part of my back then another. I wasn’t sure touching my ear was going to help but when you were finished, and I got up, I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I was leaning left when I came in, but I was standing up straight when I left.

The next day, I was a little stiff, but after you finished, including touching my ear again, I felt really good. The following week I was able to return to work, and I was able to do my job. I was a bit stiff in the morning, but I was able to work. That weekend I was able to return for two more treatments. You utilized the traction table, touched my ears again, and I was done. I was able to work without stiffness in the morning.

It was amazing how fast I was able to feel normal after being locked up for a week.

Thanks for your help!”

- Jeff P.

Your Story…

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