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New Patients

When you’re in pain and sick of suffering, you need to get help quickly. That’s why Dr. Paul begins your treatment on the first visit, allowing your healing to start right away. We welcome the opportunity to get you on the road to recovery and better health!

When you first enter our office, you’ll be greeted by Eileen. She will set you up with the necessary paperwork and ask to see your insurance and identification cards. Please allow about 30 minutes for this first visit, plus an extra 5-10 minutes to fill out forms.

Your First Visit

After the forms are completed, you will meet Dr. Paul Bizzaro. Dr. Paul is known for his empathy; if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share those with him.

He will discuss your health history and perform a thorough examination. Then, you’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment. Most people will experience immediate relief from the very first treatment.

Dr. Paul will also go over activities of daily living. His recommendations will help you know the right way to do common movements. Our goal is to teach you how to get in and out of the car, sleep, and sit at a computer without worsening your condition.

Your Second Visit

Subsequent visits are of shorter duration than the first. When you come back for your second visit, you will likely be feeling better. You and Dr. Paul will discuss how you’re feeling, then you will receive your second chiropractic adjustment. We always take the time needed to address all your questions or concerns at each visit.

Because we want you to experience relief quickly, emergency cases are usually seen within 24 hours.

Call us at (215) 493-6589 or book an appointment online today!


New Patients | (215) 493-6589